Thursday, July 14, 2011

Scuba Diving the Gread Barrior Reef!

So scuba diving was absolutely amazing! as is verything else we do. Within the last 2 days, I went on 7 dives. Many people skipped one or two, but I couldn't let a dive pass me by. Sad story first... I lost one of my water cameras, so I don't have any pictures of the great barrior reef. I realized I was missing it on the 2nd dive. Oh well, I'll get pictures from other people.

So some of the highlights of the dives started on the way out to the reef. We saw a hunch of hunch back whales. This is a very rare thing but incredible. Other highlights was seeing sharks on two seporate ocations, one during the day and about 3 during the night dive. Those were the big ones. Other things I saw was some huge clams, nemo fish along with many other types, a sting ray, a manta ray, lion fish, and a baracuda. Deeper you are, you can't really see the different colors of the reef very well, but closer up towards the surface you can see the colors very well.

Another fun thing that happened yesterday is that we went and saw the Harry Potter movie! It is not as big of a thing here in Australia. We bought the tickets and was able to get in with no problem opening day and didn't have to wait in a line long. I really did enjoy it, and it is a plus that I got to see it before everyone else does in America.

Today we went to the Dain Tree Forest, and did a boating thing through crocadile territory. We ended up seeing three of them. A female, a big male and a really young one; all sun bathing in differnet areas. Most of the day was driving from place to place and we came back early so we have time to email home and do laundry. Tomorrow we will be going to Alice Springs and we don't know the next time we will have the chance to do things like this again.

I absolutely love it here. Everything is sooooo beutiful. I'm not good with my words so I have a hard time expressing myself. Over all, everyone is getting along with each other, and we are just taking it one day at a time. The biggest draw back of this place is that the humitiy is killing my face. I am breaking out bad. This isn't good because it will make it harder for me to find a foreign husband. JK, until next time :)

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