Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alice Springs and Blue Mountains

Once again Things are absolutely amazing. After leaving Cairns We ended up in Alice Springs. The whole time there we had a tour guide, Mark, showing us around. This was awesome because we got to hear some of the leagends and stories of the places we visited and hiked.

Some of the highlights were riding on camels, hiking Kings Canyon, taring my pants, and walking around Uluru. OK, the taring of the pains was not a highlight, but hiarious. That just leaves me one pare to leave for the rest of the trip which will make things interesting. I guess they were not strechy pants. :) Uluru is concidered a sacred place to the aborigenese (probably spelled wrong). When I learned more about the place I felt reverence towards the place I probably would not have felt otherwise. At one point around the place; Mark wouldn't let the guys look at the mountain because it was a womens sacred place. The whole thing was amazing. Walking the base was a 10 K.

Some fun foods I've now eatin is Camel, Kangaroo, and I had a meat pie. I was told I will be eating some really interesting things in Fiji.

Well, we are now at the Blue Mountains close to Sydney. Unfortunately the canyoneering part of the trip got cancelled because of prices, but we will make the most of it. So far we have been taking it easy and gone on a bunch of tiny hikes. I wanted to go on a 8 hours hike that I heard was amazing, and I got vetoed. I still have a bunch of energy and am ready to keep going instead of resting.

Oh, last night when we arived was interesting, because I didn't have a room for some reason. So I am not staying in a room with ayone else from the group. I ended up with a girl in her 30's from Canada. Brian, the advisor on this trip was glad that it happened to me instead of anyone else. Some of the other girls said the same thing. I guess I have the nack of getting a long with stangers. It was sweet and I really didn't mind at all. In fact I really injoyed myself.

Well, thats good for now. Even if we are taking things at a slower pace I am still loving my trip I don't have much time to write more so I will try to add some pictures next time :)

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