Saturday, July 9, 2011

I made it to the down under!
Anyone that was around me as I left understands that I was cutting it close with trying to get out here. Getting very little sleep, submitting a paper literally minutes before leaving for my flight and still taking care of loose ends during the drive. But it all worked out!

The flights to out here weren't bad at all. Every flight I was on I met a new friend. The funniest one has got to the flight to be the 14 hr flight Australia. I was was sitting next to a guy that I seemed to catch off guard a lot. The best time was when the flight attendant was asking me what I wanted to drink with my dinner. The guy next to me could not understand why I wouldn't take advantage of the free alcohol, or when I would ask about the different fun things to do, that I wasn't really interested in going to the late night parties. Overall he would laugh at me and think I'm crazy, which has some truth.

Being here in Cairns so far has been amazing. The weather is great, I love the scenery and the different kinds of birds are incredible. Especially at 6 AM, and they are loud. I actually did enjoy it as a thing to wake up to. Last night we were free to wonder around the area, and I went to Esplinage. It is a man made lagoon where people can wonder around. It is also next to the ocean which makes it feel more real. We can't go swimming in the real ocean here because there are crocodiles. I kept a look out for them, but haven't spotted any yet. I'm still hopeful. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the place yet because I forgot my camera. I will need to be careful not to actually loose the thing.

Church was awesome this morning. There are 24 people in our group and we just about doubled the mount of people there. It the entire city, there are only two branches. Everyone was incredibly nice there and I love how everyone seems laid back. I LOVE IT ALL HERE!. O yeah, In the middle of the the church building is an out door court yard with benches. I was hoping we would just have sunday school there, but I was not that lucky.

Anyways, I am off to go have another adventure

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  1. Hey that pulling-things-together-at-the-last-minute-to-make-things-more-exciting is totally you! :) <3