Monday, August 1, 2011


So much has happened in the last few days and it has been awesome! Fist of all... I went bungy jumping! That was my first time and it was sweet. It was about 135 ft in the air, and I just jumped out as far as I could and felt the rush. I loved it, and would go again, but next time higher and probably over water.

We also had some other fun activities we could do. The other one I really enjoyed was was the Lubing. It was like a giant side you went go-carting down. You had the freedom to go as slow or fast down as you like. Brian was saying his daughter went down last year with them and still has scars from the crash. It really wasn't that dangerous if you know how to drive, but it was fun. We did three rides and would have been happy with more. It was a blast!

Today we went black water rafting. Anyone that has been around me as I was preparing to come out here knows this was one of the things I was looking forward to the most. It was amazing! It is winter here, and I was willing to float in the river underground. We were in individual tubes, got to jump off of water falls, and see all the sweet glow worms. It is one of those experiences that you can't really explain, but would highly recommend to anyone. They even had soup and bagels for us as we got out.

Tomorrow will be our last day in New Zealand and we will be going to the temple. After that we will be going to Fiji. I'll try to get on again tomorrow, otherwise it won't be until I'm in Tonga that I will be able to get on line again. I am having a blast out here and just trying to soak everything in :)

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